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Rainfall is expected to improve in the western regions over several places and few places over highlands east of Rift Valley and coastal parts of the country














Weather Forecast for 30th August 2014

    Town Morning Afternoon  Sunrise Sunset
  NAIROBI      06.32 18. 36
 sunny intervals Sunny intervals, Showers
  NYERI        06.30 18.36
  sunny intervals Sunny intervals, Showers
  MOMBASA    06.22 18.23
 Showers, sunny intervals Sunny intervals
  MALINDI   06.20 18.22
 Showers, sunny intervals Sunny intervals
  KISUMU 06.38 18.46
Rains, Sunny intervals sunny intervals
  NAKURU 06.34 18.39
 sunny intervals Showers and thunderstorms
  KAKAMEGA   06.39 18.46
 Rains, Sunny intervals Showers and thunderstorms
  ELDORET 06.37 18.43
 Sunny intervals Showers and thunderstorms
  MAKINDU   06.28 18.32
 Sunny intervals Sunny intervals
  VOI   06.25 18.28
Sunny intervals  Sunny intervals, Showers
  LODWAR   06.33 18.43
 Sunny intervals  Sunny intervals
  MARSABIT     06.24  18.35
Sunny intervals Sunny intervals
  GARISSA  06.19 18.25
 Sunny intervals Sunny intervals
  MOYALE   06.19 18.30
Rains, Sunny intervals Sunny intervals

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